Automated Device Certification

Coping with Device Releases

Device certification is a headache for all mobile operators. Whether outsourced or in-house, partially automated or completely manual, the process is time consuming and complex. With the ever-increasing pace at which new network technologies such as 5G are rolled out, in addition to the frequency of new device releases and updates, staying ahead of the curve requires a new approach to device homogenisation and certification.

Faster Device Software Release Cycle

With vendors utilising agile development processes, and constantly enhancing feature support and capabilities, the number of new software releases for mobile devices has climbed from one or two in a year, to as many as one or two in a month. This rapid increase in software updates has a knock-on effect for mobile operators trying to test each new release thoroughly and often ends up reducing the scope and quality of testing in order to deal with the elevated demand.

Automated Testing

With the repetitive nature of testing required for device certification, the obvious solution is to automate this task, however with a myriad different devices and versions this is often easier said than done. Constant monitoring of the automation steps is required and tweaking of the steps to ensure that the testing is consistent and reliable. The CeRC platform implements many specific components to not only alert in the event of a suspected issue with the test automation, but to actively try resolve any conflicts of mismatches that might occur in relation to new devices or layouts.

End to End Testing

Digitata Networks recognises the need for a holistic approach to device certification, managing the process seamlessly from the moment a new device/software version is received, right through to when it is certified and pushed out to market. All aspects of the process are catered for, and through the modular design of the solution, the process can be customised/optimised to meet any customers specific targets in terms of both budget and throughput.

Multiple Test Cycles

With the improvement in speed of testing that automation offers, it is possible to test multiple devices of the same type/version, and to run the test sequence multiple times. This reduces once off anomalies and verifies a suspected issue across more multiple devices, further improving the reliability of the test results.

Certify for Use

Whether testing Android, Apple or IOT devices, Digitata has the answer. With several different hardware form factors, and an impressive list of features, the Digitata solutions add efficiencies right out of the box, whilst still being simple to use and customize. Our proprietary drag and drop test case builder ensure our customers are empowered to build almost any test case without ever writing a line of code, and our process management tool seamlessly brings together all the components and resources necessary to guarantee the highest quality testing possible.

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