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Configuration Management

Multi-Vendor, Multi-Domain & Multi-Technology

NetCM Offers Multi-vendor, Multi Domain and Multi Technology support for Configuration Management operations. Operators can have one solution unifying the Digital footprint of the network. Correlation of Domains such as RAN, CS Core, PS Core, IMS Core, Transmission and IP Core is achieved seamlessly.

Zero Touch Network Automation

Using out of the box writeback functionality for all Vendor, Technologies, and Domains the operators are able to able to automate both simple and complex network functions for both Legacy and SDN/NFV networks. The closed-loop automation function allows for all planning and optimization changes to be implemented in the network without any human intervention.

Support for Proprietary and Open Architecture

NetCM offers Integration into both Vendor Proprietary and Open Architectures supporting both Legacy and New Generation Network Vendors.

Open API

Using its flexible North Bound Interface via Open API NetCM can provide configuration management information to other third-party systems in the operator’s Eco system.

Change Management Control

NetCM Provides a full change management function for implementation of Planning and Optimization changes to the network. Users can make use of NetCM’s planning and optimization workspace to make changes to the Live network. A full range and rule management function is available. Integration with other Planning and optimization tools is also possible

Network Auditing

NetCM provides a full network auditing function for all vendor, technologies and domains. Using NetCM’s auditing function operator can find

Network History

NetCM provides a full History management function. All the changes implemented both within and outside the system are captured and users can correlate the network changes to both configuration and performance management information.

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