Automated Network Feature Testing

New Vendor Equipment

Whether launching a new technology like 5G, introducing a new vendor to your RAN or Core network, or simply testing new software releases or features prior to live network implementation, network feature testing is a time-consuming and complex task. With literally thousands of parameters and potential interconnect configurations, the days of turning it on and seeing how it goes are long gone. Digitata Networks understands the myriad complexities facing mobile operators and has the tools and solutions available to automate, streamline and optimise these critical testing activities.

New Software Releases

With the implementation of agile development processes, vendors are providing new software releases and feature offerings at an unprecedented rate. Without thorough evaluation, a seemingly innocuous update can case a significant network outage potentially for a certain type of subscriber, or the entire user base. With the stakes so high it is hard to believe any operator would allow for the release of any untested software update onto their production network, however with the tight time frames and pressure to get new features operational, that is often the very situation that is occurring in most mobile operators today.

Automated Testing

The ability to automate any aspect of a mobile device interaction with a mobile network, and to easily expand or evolve these test cases provides flexibility and time saving that no operator should be without. With the push of a button a test sequence can tell an operator every aspect of a new piece of equipment, software release or parameter change is working correctly, and its impact on all interrelated network nodes. This level of testing would typically take weeks to perform manually but can be delivered in a repeatable fashion by the CeRC tool in minutes, reliably and efficiently.

End to End Regression Testing

Our end-to-end testing and monitoring solutions bring automation and efficiencies to network testing labs or live network launch locations freeing up critical resources to focus on their core functions instead of spending hours manually checking for errors or configuration issues in new equipment or software. With continues monitoring and regression testing it is possible to accomplish in a few hours what would typically have taken weeks, and with hundreds of pre-built test cases, whether LTE, 5G, VoWifi, Emergency broadcast or data streaming, we have you covered.

Advanced Capabilities for Complex Scenarios

Utilising a combination of real End User Equipment, configuration management and 3rd party integrations, as well as process flow management it is possible to accurately track multiple network feature implementations/strategies accurately and with minimal resources. Showing up to the minute status and identifying problems relating to inter-working conflicts, misconfigured nodes or incompatible releases has never been easier. Fully automated 24/7 testing and remote access capabilities mean that your test processes are always on and always accessible, regardless of where your engineering teams are located.

Release to Production

Even with the highest level of testing, unthought of scenarios and incorrectly implemented changes can still cause issues once a software update or piece of equipment is released to production. Having the full set of test results on hand for the entire life cycle of a product can assist to determine where and how an issue slipped into production, and greatly assist a post -mortem and corrective action exercise to eliminate future recurrences.

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