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Customer Experience

What is CeNTEL?

CeNTEL is our customer experience application that forms part of a software solution that collects key performance indicators (KPIs) from participating subscribers’ mobile phones and provides the subscribers with a direct feedback mechanism. This data, captured by the software agent installed on off-the-shelf subscriber phones (an app that can be downloaded from the app store, or embedded into the operators own app), is then populated into a central management tool that is used for managing the agent and reporting results. This provides the operator with an unprecedented view of the network performance and accessibility from the subscribers’ point of view.


Passive Network Monitoring

CeNTEL collected key metrics about the subscribers’ experience in the background without any interaction required from the subscriber. The passive monitoring has been optimized for minimal battery consumption and minimal data overhead. All functionality that is required to enable the QoS and optimization testing is internal to the device and removes the need for drive test vehicles and personnel to gather data. The collected data is a true reflection of the end-user experience and network performance.


SLA Fulfillment

CeNTEL can be used to ensure that Corporate SLAs are being fulfilled. All subscribers that fall under a particular corporate SLA can install the App on their device, which then provides data from the passive monitoring that can be used to generate SLA reports.


Customer Complaints

UsingCeNTEL, customers can log complaints directly on the App, and receive feedback on these complaints. The Operator can view the complaints in the backend, with added data such as subscriber location and signal level. The complaint types can be customized from the backend and controlled. The complaints feature can be integrated into an operator’s pre-existing customer care system.

CeNTEL Key Features

Customisable reports and analysis of collected data
Vendor and Technology agnostic – can collect data from all technologies including 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi
Secure Web-based interface for operators to monitor data
Simple integration into a MNO
Crowdsource your customer experience data for analysis of potential problematic hotspot areas
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